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Turning something into a nationwide phenomenon is no easy feat, especially when it’s a treat that is sweet. It took inspiration, determination and great luck to make Cafe Chokolade what it is today. It has left a sweet taste with every person who has ever tried it and they’re asking for more. That’s the story of the journey of Cafe Chokolade.

Chokolade - the treat that is indescribably delicious in every sense of the word is neither a shake nor an ice cream. However you choose to describe it, know this - the taste is absolutely distinctive and unforgettable.

Indulge in a range of mouth watering treats to celebrate special moments or simply add a dash of fun to life. It’s time for Chokolade.

Our Product Range
  • White Chokolade

    Feel the smoothness of white chocolate topped with chocolate sprinkles. Enjoy the whiter side of things.
  • Roasted Almond Chokolade

    Add some crunch to your life and enjoy a delish combination of chocolate and roasted almonds.
  • Walnut Chokolade

    Perhaps the yummiest combination with chocolate that ever was.
  • Dry Fruit Chokolade

    Handfuls of dry fruits blended with chocolate add more sweetness to this sweet fusion.
  • Walnut White Chokolade-b

    Experience the creamier side of things with chocolate infused with cream. It doesn't get creamier than this.
What's New
News & Events
Bilaspur has another reason to celebrate the new year! Café Chokolade now open on Shrikant Verma Marg, Next to IndusInd Bank
Raipur gets its second Café Chokolade outlet! Now open at Magneto Mall, Labhandi, Raipur
Café Chokolade now open at Usman Rd, Opp. Panangal Park, T.Nagar and Montieth Road, Egmore
Café Chokolade coming soon in Gulbarga, Nagpur and Adlabs, Pune!
Client Speak

"i simply luv Chokolade B I tried the newly launched White Chokolade B (its made from White. Chocolate) ...AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG"
-- Surya Bhan Lahri
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"u should pattern it....like in all books of schools you should remove c - cat and made c-m..."
-- Sagar Patel
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"i have Chokolade B almost everyday ... that too twice a day.... i simply love it"
-- Anna Glan
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"a Chokolade B a day keeps DOCTOR away..."
-- Manit Bhaskar
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"I am crazy about Chokolade B .... Its simply awesome.... beyond imagination!!!"
-- Rachita Dhere
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