Client Speak
"i simply luv Chokolade B I tried the newly launched White Chokolade B (its made from White. Chocolate) ...AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG"
-- Surya Bhan Lahri
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"u should pattern in all books of schools you should remove c - cat and made c-m..."
-- Sagar Patel
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"i have Chokolade B almost everyday ... that too twice a day.... i simply love it"
-- Anna Glan
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"a Chokolade B a day keeps DOCTOR away..."
-- Manit Bhaskar
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"I am crazy about Chokolade B .... Its simply awesome.... beyond imagination!!!"
-- Rachita Dhere
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News & Events
- Café Chokolade is now open at Vasai.
- Café Chokolade is now open at Raigarh.
- Café Chokolade is now open at Baramati.
- Café Chokolade is now Coming soon in Solapur.
- Café Chokolade is now Coming soon in Hoshiarpur (Punjab)
Welcome to Cafe Chokolade
About Company :-

Turning something into a nationwide phenomenon is no easy feat, especially when it’s a treat that is sweet. It took inspiration, determination and great luck to make Cafe Chokolade what it is today. It has left a sweet taste with every person who has ever tried it and they’re asking for more. That’s the story of the journey of Cafe Chokolade.

Chokolade - the treat that is indescribably delicious in every sense of the word is neither a shake nor an ice cream. However you choose to describe it, know this - the taste is absolutely distinctive and unforgettable.

Indulge in a range of mouth watering treats to celebrate special moments or simply add a dash of fun to life. It’s time for Chokolade.

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